why you need a health coach

Have you ever invested lots of money for a holistic practitioner’s wisdom and left the office with diet guidelines to follow? Equipped with a list of what to eat and not eat, you are initially motivated and excited about your new health journey. This is your chance for a fresh start to a healthy lifestyle and you give it your all.

After creating a thorough grocery list and making a special trip to Whole Foods your refrigerator was bursting with healthy goodness. Eventually, the excitement wears off and your progress begins to decline as you realize how challenging it can be to eat healthy.

The fact is that nutritional information is readily available. A quick search can uncover diet and nutritional roadmaps. The challenge is how to create a healthy balanced lifestyle that is sustainable. The secret sauce is not the what, but the how.

What is a Health Coach?

Hiring a Health Coach can be the missing link to long-term behavior change to support your specific wellness goals. A Health Coach is a partner on your health journey that monitors practice and provides ongoing feedback. Their role is to guide their clients to reach their full health potential by raising awareness, making connections, identifying patterns, shifting limiting beliefs, and focusing on a growth mind-set.

Three Reasons to Partner with a Health Coach 

  1. A Big-Picture Perspective

Wellness goes beyond the food we eat and while we need food to survive, we are multidimensional beings that require more than just food. We are nourished by both what is on and off our plate. A Health Coach brings awareness to the full picture of health. Lifestyle factors have a direct impact on your physical, emotional, and mental health.

From the example earlier, a list of what to eat and not eat is just one piece to the individual puzzle that is best for you. For optimal health, you need to also consider your sleep, movement, stress management, career, and much more. Sometimes we need to be reminded to take a step back when we are feeling imblanced and look at our health from a different perspective.

  1. Built in Accountability

An incredible benefit of partnering with a Health Coach is that they guide you towards your individual goals and hold you accountable to reach them. Through support, encouragement, and scheduled coaching conversations, you are not alone on your journey. A coach will keep you on top of your progress and provide strategies when you experience a snag along the way.

  1. A Personal Guide

Health Coaches coach clients to become experts on themselves. As clients lead their wellness journey, a coach serves as a guide by providing solid structure for organic transformation, whatever that means for the individual client. We are unique and a one-size-fits all approach does not meet everyones specific needs.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Instead of creating lists of restrictions and good and bad foods, work with an Integrative Health Coach to explore basic improvements and implement gradual changes over time that begin to accumulate.

For more information about The Green Balanced Gal Wellness Program, reach out today to learn more about how, together, we can create your personal wellness blueprint, decifer your body’s unique needs, and set your sustainable goals.

About Amy

I'm an Integrative Health Coach for career-oriented, busy women in search of finding balance, wellness, and lifestyle transformation in an overworked, stressful, and boundary-blurring world.

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