Is Rollerblading Good for Weight Loss? The Benefits 

rollerblading for weight loss

Rollerblading is also known as inline skating. This activity become popular in the 1990s and is considered an ideal alternative to cycling, jogging, and other aerobic sports.

It’s a low-impact exercise activity that involves inline skates. In rollerblading, you use your leg to propel forward.

While most people think of rollerblading more as a hobby, the activity has several health benefits, such as building or improving cardiovascular fitness and many more. Here are more details about rollerblading activities, including their benefits.

Is Rollerblading Good for Weight Loss?

As mentioned, rollerblading is a low-impact activity that can help you lose weight. A person burns approximately 550 – 700 calories per hour when rollerblading at a recreational pace.

Furthermore, it’s an activity open for everyone who has the will to try something new. Although it may look intimidating at first, many people surprise themselves after seeing the fun and enjoyment rollerblading offers. The health benefits, which many don’t realize, also play a vital role in making this activity an excellent addition to anyone’s fitness goals!

Lose Weight and Have Fun

Today, most people look for effective weight-loss methods to ensure and maintain a healthy body. Weight watchers are keen to burn as many calories as possible and reach their fitness goals faster.

Many choose aerobic exercises since they fire up metabolism. The most popular cardio exercises include cycling, walking, and running.

Rollerblading is one workout that will help you lose weight while having fun. Inline skating is becoming more and more popular and is an effective weight management way.

How Rollerblading Helps You Lose Weight

To effectively lose weight, you must adjust the number of calories you take and the amount you want to burn. 

To lose a pound of fat, you need to burn about 3500 calories. You can only burn calories by consistently exercising. 

Rollerblading is a cardiovascular activity that continuously forces you to move through the duration of the activity. In the process, you’ll surely burn calories. 

The amount of rollerblading you do can ultimately increase the rate you burn calories too. It builds calories deficit, thus promoting weight loss. 

Calories Amount You Burn 

As mentioned in this article, rollerblading is an effective way of burning calories. An individual with a weight of 155-lbs can burn 260 calories by skating for 30 minutes.

Note that if you have a larger body, you’ll burn more calories and vice versa.

Work Duration 

Rollerblading is fun but can indeed be tiring. However, you have to put in the fight to burn calories quickly. Target at least 30 minutes for each rollerblading session.

According to experts, adults should do additional moderate cardiovascular activities for a minimum of 2.5 hours or vigorous cardiovascular activities for a minimum of 1.25 hours. This way, they will burn calories effectively. 

All in all, rollerblading includes quick moving on wheels. Ensure you put on appropriate protective gear each time you’re out on rollerblades. 

The gear will help protect you from injuries. Some protective gear includes a helmet, kneepads, wrist guards, and elbow pads. 

Amazing Health Benefits of Rollerblading

1. Improves your balance

Balance comes naturally, but it’s not always the case with most people. Balance affects how you complete certain activities, including how you walk.

Having good balance is essential. It does reduce the energy amount you use when doing regular activities such as sitting, walking, and more. For example, having a stable balance is essential to skate successfully.

Several skating techniques and tricks will help you improve and develop balance. Moreover, the muscles engage during skating will also help enhance this ability.

This activity primarily engages your abdominal and lower-back muscles to skate backward and forwards. To skate, you must have a steady core to remain upright, further helping you have better balance.

2. More Body Power 

Rollerblading will also help you build strength. It helps build lower body strength and muscles. Strength training is referred to as resistance training and can even help to regulate diabetes.

You shouldn’t start training because of disease—your priority must be developing your strength. A substantial body creates a solid immune system that helps fight off any health condition and also reduces risks of bone fractures when you age and osteoporosis.

The good thing about rollerblading is that it engages the whole body, with some muscles and areas getting more workout.

As your body strength improves while you skate, so does your skating coordination. Therefore, your risk of skating injuries should reduce, plus you’ll be more lithe and active as you age.

3. Better Heart Health 

Consuming unhealthy foods makes heart disease so prevalent in the United States. Heart disease is one of the leading causes of premature death. 

It can include strokes, heart attacks, and other cardiovascular diseases. Rollerblading builds your heart strength and is among the most effective aerobic exercises. 

If you rollerblade moderately, you can boost your average minute heart rate beats from 140 to 160. Participating in more energetic skating, such as speed skating, will increase your beats to about 180 beats per minute. 

4. Endurance

Rollerblading is an activity that will boost your muscular endurance. As mentioned, rollerblading increases strength, boosting your muscular endurance. 

It means you will be able to do strenuous activities for longer. As you continue to practice skating, you’ll find yourself skating for longer hours without stopping. 

Plus, you’ll be able to do other exercise types for more extended periods. Other than endurance, skating develops your muscles.

5. Reduces Stress 

Stress is common every day in a busy, overworked, and boundary blurring world. People have stress about their family, health, education, finances, relationships, and much more. 

It can be dangerous if you do not find an appropriate way to reduce or manage stress. There are several ways of reducing your stress levels, and medical experts usually advise taking part in exercises. 

Rollerblading activity can be a great way to exercise and help reduce your stress. Those who haven’t tried it may avoid it because it looks complicated or tiring. However, no sporting activity or exercise is easy. 

Often people who rollerblade find it relaxing, as they get better and more comfortable with the activity. You can choose a scenic and peaceful rollerblading location to add to the experience. You’ll surely enjoy the surroundings and clean, fresh air. 

Any sport or activity can help reduce your stress levels, such as walking jogging. Skating is different because it also offers fun.

6. Improves Mood 

Most of the rollerblading benefits in the article are physical, but there’s more. With rollerblading, you’ll be able to free your mind, which may help with the management of mild depression.

Therefore, you’ll often find yourself feeling joyful as rollerblading helps to reduce harmful hormones. In the process, it does increase your happy hormones, which are also known as endorphins.

Endorphins can reduce brain pain, and you’ll feel naturally good in the long run. The other fantastic benefit of endorphins is that it improves your concentration.

Overall, you can regulate your mood through rollerblading. You can make the sport more fun by inviting a friend or family member.

Rollerblading is usually a great group activity, so you can also join the various skating groups in your area.


Rollerblading is an effective and fun way to lose weight. Besides rollerblading, it would be best to consider other factors to lose weight effectively. Most importantly – your nutritional habits. 

This fun activity can help you burn calories quickly. But if you do not watch what you eat, then it’s so easy to cancel the calories you burn.

Other than weight loss, rollerblading has other excellent benefits such as stress reduction, good heart health, and many more.

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