Is Italian Ice Healthy? Alternative Foods For Ice Cream

is italian ice healthy

Food is essential for the growth and health of all humans. Eating healthy foods, in particular, improves the immune system of people. Although food is necessary for health and survival, not all foods add value to one’s body. That is why it’s best to keep your pantry and refridgerator stocked with whole, colorful, fresh, and healthy food. Furthermore, a meal should have all the significant nutritional needs for the day. It is common knowledge that many of these nutritional elements come from fruits. People can eat fruit in various ways: blending, in smoothies, milkshakes, or Italian ice.

What’s Italian Ice? Italian ice has been a common dessert in restaurants and ice cream parlors. The unique technique of making this dessert is responsible for its sweetness. Most people find the Italian ice irresistibly sweet, often struggling when doctors advise them to quit their cravings for this treat.

“I scream, you scream, we scream for ice cream.” People can agree that ice cream, like Italian ice, is one of the sweetest desserts. Apart from its enticing properties, the dessert provides comfort and relief for many, especially under stressful situations. If that’s the case, it’s equally important to know if such desserts have any other good or harmful effects. If so, how do they affect people? In particular, is Italian ice healthy? This article covers that and more.

Is Italian Ice Healthy?

Is Italian Ice healthy? No, Italian ice has high levels of sugars. The flavors added to make this dessert and the temperature of the dessert can be harmful to people’s health.

Italian ice is often one of the recommended alternative ice cream products because it has low calories and is free from fats. It is considered an alternative when compared to other desserts and cream products. Ice cream is high in calories and fats, which are bad for the health too.

However, this does not make Italian ice any better of a dessert choice. Doctors advise people against the consumption of this dessert. 

Is Italian Ice from Italy? Why the Name?

Most things are given names from the inventor or place first associated with them. Hence, this gives an impression that Italian ice was invented or often served in Italy. Is this true? Yes.

Although Italian ice was an invention by an American entrepreneur, the technique used to make the dessert connects with Italy.

Italian ice came from ice granules, a combination of water, flavors, and sugar. It is how granita, an Italy-based dessert, is made. 

What if you love Italian ice? It is hard for people to stop eating a sweet, eye-catching, and refreshing dessert because it causes health complications. 

Most people are aware that eating a lot of sugar is bad for overall health. Despite that, they consume sugar, knowing the warning and understanding the consequences that follow the action.

You can have a cup or two of the dessert each week, but it’s not recommended to have more than that. It would help if you also kept it in mind when to have an ice-cold dessert. Having the dessert when it is cold only complicates your health. It’s best to enjoy your cold dessert when it is sunny and warm. 

Do you always have a craving for sweet, cold, and creamy foods, but are afraid that they will negatively impact your health? Here is a solution to that: a healthy alternative for ice cream. Consider shifting to homemade ice creams and blended desserts. 

Banana Ice Cream

Fresh bananas are always available and cheap from the grocery store. Get yourself some, freeze and blend them to make homemade frozen banana ice cream. You should not add any artificial additives, flavors, or sugar. You could add other fruits, dark chocolate chips, or even nut butters.

Freezing your bananas is an incredible way to prevent your fruits from being stale. Bananas have natural sugars that do not cause any harm to anyone’s health, unlike processed sugars, when consumed in moderation.

Frozen yogurt

Yogurt should be homemade. You can make your yogurt easily in your kitchen using cream and milk. You need to freeze your milk in the refrigerator for a few days. You can also mix it with fruits to add the sugar, which is natural from the fruits.

Frozen Fruit Pops

Most children love ice cream. A great alternative is frozen fruit pops. It’s simple, you just need to blend various fruits and mix them. 

For a healthy dessert choice, do not add any artificial flavors or sugar. Blend and pour the mix into the popsicle trays and freeze. 


These are not associated with any health complications when there are no additives or flavors and fresh whole foods are used to make. 

Smoothies are alternative to a meal. Moreover, people usually use bananas or avocados to make smoothies.

You can mix blended fruit juices with foods like arrowroots to add the nutrient content in the smoothies. Smoothies that are nutritious and filling help to keep the stomach full. People who go to the gym can even take smoothies on the go.

Coconut Milk Ice Cream

It can serve as a substitute for milk ice cream. The texture of coconut milk compares to that of natural milk. Morever, adding natural sweeteners like mango or pineapple juice complements the flavor of coconut milk.

People always question how ice cream and other cream products cause health problems. Here is an explanation for that.

Health Complications Caused by Ice Cream

Ice cream contains high levels of fats. Although fats are necessary for the human body to function, to many fats increase blood cholesterol. Ice cream is made from cream and milk, containing high saturated fats. 

  • High blood cholesterol levels lead to the deposit of these fats on the arteries. It makes you more vulnerable to a heart attack because the fatty deposits hinder blood flow. Doctors discourage people who have such illnesses from eating such foods.
  • High sugar levels in the human body lead to health complications like high blood triglycerides and blood pressure. Ice cream is sweet because of the sugar content and flavors used in the mix—the high levels of sugars in ice cream can cause harm to the body. 


Make the most out of the summer by enjoying your favorite cold and sweet dessert, in moderation. Choose what you eat carefully to keep you strong and fit. 

It’s much more cost effective and fun to make homemade desserts and ice cream. Without adding sugars and additives, you will have a healthy dessert that is easy to make.

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